The Wealthy


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Most of the wealthy live up in Copperton. Most of the folks up in Copperton are stuck up snobs. Most of those stuck up snobs have power over the less fortunate. And most of those few with power have a band of cold killers to deal with anyone who opposes them.

Although, just because you were wealthy before the Fall, doesn’t necessarily mean you kept that afterward. Everyone lost something to the Fall. What remained were whatever skills and qualities you had and your survival depended on how you could use them. Some of the rich had no respect and faded away. Some poor where clever and seized opportunity to come out on top.

Who gained wealth were the ones that were able to give the settlements what they needed or wanted. Mr. Copperton offered protection, Broker offered tools, Gov. Clyde offered food and water, and November Frost offered awareness and entertainment. Those are the ones with the most wealth and power.

Other wealthy folk follow trends and mostly consist of merchants and farmers. Treasure hunting is another, riskier avenue of coin, although it’s usually reserved for those that are able to travel deep in radiation smog and aren’t afraid to get caught in a swarm of mutts or hot rodders.

The Wealthy

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