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Notable citizens
Governor George Dewey Clyde
Michelle Potters
Doctor Feinheimer
Head Nurse Clara Beasley
Nurse Jenny Tallarico
Receptionist Ashley Laine
Master Sergeant Theodore Brice
Private David Lawrence
Benjamin Foster Giovante
William Murdock Doyle
Dorothy Olivia Addams
Bartholomus Goodman

Springville is a peaceful city at the center of the Utah. A lot of trade and people come through. Citizens live a fairly simple life in what remnants of the old world they could rebuild. Springville is a shining example of what the people of the land can achieve by working together.

Springville doesn’t want any trouble. Governor Clyde has made peaceful agreements with the major factions of Utah and would rather keep peace between each of them. If two of the factions would have a feud, Springville would be literally in the middle of them. Clyde’s dream is that the factions can all work together to survive in Utah.


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