Sons of Silver


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Notable Members
Jeremiah Broker
Tiger Lily

“Peace is good for business” is the unofficial catchphrase of this rough, yet cool-headed biker gang. Although the word “gang” doesn’t quite do the Sons of Silver justice as they are more of a syndicate than anything else.

Their leader, Broker, has worked tenaciously over the years to bring up the Sons from a roaming gang and forged them into their own major faction in Utah. Now they oversee the majority of trade across the state and have people in all the major settlements. They control the courier service based in Springville and own a huge overland train. The “Silver Train” is basically a rolling marketplace and makes monthly rounds to all the settlements across Utah.


How the Sons managed to obtain a collection of choice gear and establish themselves as a trading power is quite the feat, especially in under a year from where they started. Rumors lead to Broker having ties to Denver, but the walls around that city haven’t let any outsiders in, so that’s unlikely.

The Sons have their own corner of Utah as their territory; they are based in Vernal. They helped strike peace treaties between the other major factions and have been making a lot of revenue off of each. Although, all their transactions are fair, which alleviates most of the negative views they may have received when they started out.

Still, after attempts at diplomacy, the Sons aren’t strangers to getting medieval when enforcing their agendas. Almost every person under their flag can handle themselves in a scrap or gun fight. Most members used to be part of other roaming gangs that have been disbanded or taken over by the Sons of Silver. Everyone has a specialty or job to do. Everyone pulls their weight.

Whenever a deal goes so far south that extreme violence is required, the Sons of Silver turn to their nomad chapter. A group of the seven most hardest killers that you never want to meet. Lead by the craziest of them, Tiger Lily, they do the most dangerous jobs the Sons need done. When they aren’t on call, they roam around Utah looking for trouble.

Sons of Silver

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