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Notable Mutants

When the Fall happened and the asteroid devastated the earth, it is said that the radiation from its fragments started affecting the surrounding wildlife. Plants shriveled, critters mutated.

Now it’s a risk to wander through the wilderness at night. You might run into a pack of multi-eyed dogs or a two headed bear. At least it’s relatively safe during the day. The mutated animals, collectively referred to as mutts, seem to not like the sun, nor very loud noises. Although they hate copper the most. Mutts have a deadly reaction to copper as it’s known, to the point where treasure hunters take copper blades and bullets with them.

During my adventures with the heroes in Scipio, I’ve seen more unusual mutts than before. We ran into large mole-like ones, even larger dogs, and even ones that looked like people. I was fortunate enough to follow them down borrowed tunnels into what had to be a nest of them. We saw what the heroes were calling a “breeding pool” where multi-armed, pregnant mutant women were giving birth. The craziest thing I’ve seen in my travels , by far.

Carolyn, the egg head of the group, did some studying on smaller captured mutts and said that their cells were constantly being renewed. That’s why they didn’t like sunlight or loud things because their senses was always fresh and sensitive. At least that what I could understand after her first studies. Tommy and her even made a special copper bullet that’s super effective against mutts. They somehow keep melted copper inside the bullet so it’s released on impact. How they manage it is mostly over my head, as with most of Carolyn’s doo-dads, but I make an effort to grasp the gist of it for these records.


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