Month of Mayhem

After the Falling Stars got situated in Mirage and started broadcasting entertainment, they were looking for new spectacles to film.

November Frost had the idea to celebrate her namesake with a collection of competitions all month long. The main tournaments are Racing, Shooting, Fighting, and Demolition Derby. The event has become popular and the major settlements seek to host it as it brings people, and thus business, from all over Utah.

The longer the participants manage through the ladder, the riskier, and deadlier, the competition gets. After the first two weeks, the different games start combining, with the top winners from each facing off with each other. Fighting and Shooting becomes a gladiatorial blood sport, and Racing and Demolition Derby become a Doom Race. The last week those top winners face each other and everything mixes up.

The final day pits the top 2 winners in a fight to the death. The champion gets to be a member of the Falling Stars and gains entry into Mirage.

Month of Mayhem

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