Headquarters to the Falling Stars. Hidden somewhere in Utah.

It is here where the theatrical-minded Falling Stars set up shop and started rebuilding a luxury folks haven’t seen in decades: television. Here shows and news programs are broadcast to the paying customers of Utah. It has been the Falling Stars main source of revenue.

The settlement is depicted as a haven, where there’s plenty of booze and skin to enjoy. Almost everyone wants to get in Mirage. November Frost has manipulated that desire, first with the November Bounty, then with the Month of Mayhem tournament. Those that found someone with a November mike-check or won the annual tournament was granted entry into Mirage.

It’s a place where I need to be. Nowadays, people with the correct tattoo are extremely rare due to the open bounty, and I don’t think I can survive all the way to the end of the tournament, so I have to find another way in. Hopefully with enough good footage, the Falling Stars will see my talent and invite me to work for one of their shows. Where else is an artist like me to go?


State of Desolation Mev141