Gallows Hill


  • Flavor music: > “Rock-Steady” a U.S. Army cadence

Notable Members
Master Sergeant Theodore Brice
Private David Lawrence

Gallows Hill is a collection of U.S. soldiers and officers the Fall left behind. A sad echo of what the military used to be, its ranks are filled with veterans, former policemen, and mercenaries.

They have a strong alliance with Springville, which utilizes them for security. Springville probably gives them purpose and they’re comfortable serving a respected politician, Governor Clyde. They have a branch devoted to policing that town, lead by Master Sergeant Brice.

Other branches of Gallows Hill focus on hunting down mutts, gangs, and salvage. This makes Gallows Hill the top employer of bounty hunters. They have a decent treasure hunting outfit, too, though rivaled by an equal Sons of Silver chapter and Copperton group.

The soldiers themselves are a bunch of jarheads, mostly. Love taking orders and don’t think too much on their own. They tend to clutch tight to the training manual without innovation, unlike the more seasoned officers. I guess that should be expected, but it’s how cocky the soldiers can be sometimes just because they aren’t referred to as a “civilian.” Their arrogance gets them a bad reputation and has gotten them in trouble in the past.

Gallows Hill doesn’t like the Sons of Silver. At best they see them as an opposing army with whom they have a delicate cease-fire.

Gallows Hill

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