Falling Stars


Notable Members
November Frost
Antonio Loyal

As far as the history of roaming gangs in the Dust go, the Falling Stars are the most successful and feared.

Starting out as a band of royally pissed off mistfits, these theatrical hellions harassed anyone that got in their way, whether it was competing gangs or innocent settlements. Rumors say they used to be some sort of traveling troop of acrobats, stage singers from a saloon, or television actors that failed to make ends meet after the Fall. Perhaps it’s none or all of the above. That would at least explain their whole Hollywood starlet theme they’re so fond of.

Leading the pack is November Frost, the deadliest gunfighter and perhaps the quickest draw in all of Utah. Under her rule, the they grew into a large matriarchal force. There came a point where everyone knew of the Falling Stars and ran for the hills whenever they appeared on the horizon, though by then it would’ve been too late.

When their numbers grew too big to keep roaming the Dust, they started looking for a place to settle. That lead to the incident where the Falling Stars would have taken over Springville, if it weren’t for the Saints intervening. The big “Who Shot First” topic, where the Father Saint and November Frost squared off in a duel, is still debated today. The duel ended in a tie, and the Falling Stars withdrew from Springville, but theories still swirl around on who really got the one up on who.

The Falling Stars disappeared for a bit after that. The Dust settled in the their absence, heh. Rumors say that they were working on an alliance with the Sons of Silver during this time, for a plan to attack Springville again, but that never happened. Although shortly after the Sons started making peace between the major factions, here come the Falling Stars, returning to be included in the treaties.

They have claimed to have settled in a place they called Mirage, and offered their video broadcast as a service in order to be accepted into the peace agreement.

And that is where the Falling Stars are now. From murderous gang to television entertainers. A rags to riches story? I’ve heard worse.

Falling Stars

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