Duel for Springville


The entire state teetered on the brink of a new order. The Falling Stars’ ranks grew and they were looking for a place to set up shop. They put Springville in their cross-hairs. It was a valuable strategic position; it had fresh water production and was in a central location. A perfect platform to then take the fight to Copperton and the Sons of Silver.

November Frost, leader of the Falling Stars, wanted to cut supply lines, so she ordered every railroad leading into Springville be destroyed. The would stop any possible allied reinforcements to quickly move into town, namely the Sons and Gallows Hill (which was independent at the time). The main force of November’s approached Springville from the south, using the Vet Highway.

Outside of the town boarders, they were met by a band of Later Day Saints, including the Father Saint. The Saints were outnumbered, but their reputation preceded them, and the amount of Saints in one place gave pause to the advancing Falling Stars.

Under white flags, November Frost and the Father Saint met face-to-face between their forces. The Falling Stars, having planned to record their assault like many others, had their cameras rolling. The two leaders conversed briefly, but when diplomacy failed, a duel was agreed to, much to November’s delight.

Now, let me take a moment to explain why she was so eager. First, November Frost is an excellent gun fighter. Ignoring the Saints’ mythical speed, she has the fastest draw in the Dust. She can squeeze off four rounds into a man before he realizes he’s day is ruined. Second, she’s a little bit of a showboat. An opportunity to go toe-to-toe with the Father Saint was just too good for her to pass up. Third, well let’s face it, she was probably planning on cheating.

Nontheless, the two climbed atop a nice plateau outside of Springville; a perfect stage for November. Cameras still rolling, the duel was recorded while both took their paces. To start, November flicked a bullet into the air. When it landed a bark of gunfire and a small explosion kicked up a cloud of dust. When it settled, both participants were still standing, pistols drawn at one another. A moment of high tension passed as they stayed in those positions.

Briefly after, November Frost holstered her gun and walked away. She ordered the Falling Stars to turn back as they continued to find another place to settle.

Shot from multiple angles, copies of the footage of this duel has been in circulation. It is debated what exactly happened during the exchange of gunfire, who drew first, who shot first, and the reasons of the outcome.

Now years after that incident, Springville hired Gallows Hill for protection, and the Major Factions, included the Falling Stars, have settled on peace treaties. Instead of rebuilding the railroad tracks, the Sons of Silver took the opportunity to utilize their overland train to become directly involved with supply and trade across Utah.

Duel for Springville

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