November Frost

The leader of the Falling Stars.


November Frost, the Devil of the Dust. There has not been a more influential woman to walk the sands of Utah since the legendary Alpha. Her origins are fuzzy, but that’s probably because she’s responsible for leveling her entire home town after the Fall.

Why? It’s no secret that she wants to be the only one with a November mike-check, just like her hero, Alpha, another ambitious woman who was the first to recover from the Fall. Soon enough people started calling her November; her old name is forgotten. From there she aggressively lived however she wanted. Sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll with a good bit of mayhem. She was, and still is, one badass albino bitch you don’t want to piss off. Thus, she gained the extra moniker ‘Frost’ for her pale appearance and cold heart.

She lead her gang of rockabilly pinup inspired killers and cut a bloody swath out of whatever gang or settlement opposed them. At the height of the Falling Stars roaming days, November’s combat abilities were so honed they were almost supernatural. She developed a dueling maneuver where she puts a bullet in the shoulders and knees of her opponent with lightning speed. After they collapse to their knees, she salutes them farewell before putting the fifth bullet through their skull. She calls this the ‘Five Star Salute’ and it has been her signature execution.

Still her expertise with a pistol wasn’t enough to defeat the Father Saint in a historic duel, which marked the end of the Falling Stars’ roaming era.

After settling in Mirage, November Frost’s aspirations have turned to film. She’s directed and stared in some short movies that was broadcast over their signal to paying settlements across Utah. Perhaps she was turning a new leaf; she even closed the November Bounty. Some of the more rowdy members of the Falling Stars didn’t much care for the new direction, but some embraced the idea of becoming actual movie stars like before the Fall.

Although, over time Mirage’s shows became more racy, the news became more sleazy, and the Month of Mayhem turned into a blood sport. Still the majority of Utah enjoy the spectacle, and respect and desire November. Perhaps it was her plan all along for the long run, or maybe she is starving for some real talent in a great filmmaker like me and it’s up to me to get November to notice.

November Frost

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