Jeremiah Broker

President of the Sons of Silver


Jeremiah Broker is a businessman, but a cowboy at heart. Leader of the Sons of Silver, he runs a tight ship to make sure everything runs without much resistance, and if there is, Broker knows how to apply the right amount of force.

I’ve met the guy briefly after taking the Silver Train to Vernal. He’s a pretty chilled guy, down to earth, not necessarily laid back but comfortable. When something is bothering him he hardly shows it, but if it’s a problem he can solve he does so calm and directly. That’s just how he is, firm and steady, doesn’t get overly upset. Sometimes I can’t tell if he’s numb or he’s got some new-age zen thing going on. Maybe it’s because he does a lot of Mary Jane.

Speaking of the gal, Broker has five other wives, too. I didn’t get their names but most of them look like amazons. I mean, Broker is a bit of a body builder himself, so I guess he’s got a thing for muscles. And for sure those woman aren’t the stay at home type. They ride with Broker whenever he’s out. Most of the time on their bikes, but sometimes in his monster truck. He usually doesn’t take that beast out unless he’s aiming to wreck someone’s day.

He always seems to find the best salvage and supplies, though. Some say he has connections in Denver, but I find it hard to believe as that city has been locked down since as far as I can remember.

Jeremiah Broker

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