Father Saint

The leader of the Later Day Saints.


No one really knows where this guy came from. His true name was never spoken and his face is never clearly seen. The earliest stories of him tell of a man who would show up whenever a settlement was suffering from gang harassment. He would challenge the gang leader to a duel, which would always end in a fire fight with all the members, but he would be the last man standing.

Some people started following him as he traveled. Ones that believed in upholding some sense of order. Together they opposed any gangs or bandits they met. People started calling them saints and their mystical leader the Father Saint. As time passed he and his followers built their abbey in the ruins of a long abandoned town, Mt. Pleasant. There they started sharpening there skills and ideals.

No one has seen much of the Father Saint since saving Springville in the duel with November Frost. His brothers and sister saints usually go out in pairs and right wrongs in his stead.

Father Saint

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