The first to fully recover from the Fall, now disappeared.


When the government started a rescue operation for those that suffered during the Fall, they designated those they pulled from the ruins with a name and number. The names went from Alpha to Zulu, in order of time rescued. There were only three people in the Alpha group. Only one survived.

Thankfully, the sole survivor had a knack for machinery and was instrumental in helping all of Utah recover. Her biggest achievement was aiding George Dewey Clyde in rebuilding the water treatment plants in Springville, allowing clean water to be produced.

After years of hard work in service to the people, she never really got the credit or rewards she desired. Maybe it was because being a black woman in a struggling society with a 1950’s mindset wasn’t completely a piece of cake. So afterwards she became a wanderer.

Every now and then she’d turn up in a random settlement, each time with new scars. Soon she started turning her mechanical talents on herself, and started replacing limbs with metal counterparts. Rumors say she would wander the Dust to capture human test subjects to see if mechanical organs would work. After a few successes she started replacing her own organs to live longer.

It’s been decades since she was last seen. But every couple of years some folk run into one of her horrific experiments. People call these abominations Alphakids, and fear them more than any mutant or bandit.


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