State of Desolation

Can't Stop the Signal!
The story so far:

Exploring mutt nests, repelling a train robbery, and assaulting a Dessert Horn base; this new group I’m shadowing is fantastic!

After getting juicy footage of my group of heroes saving the day and kicking ass, I find that my tape I submitted to Mirage was re-edited into some dumb joke during the broadcast! I may have had a bit too much to drink shortly afterward, but a cat nap is all I needed to clear my head. Besides, I’m in a much better mood now that Carolyn found a way to hijack the broadcast.

We were able to hike up to where I knew a relay tower was. After rushing through a minefield and avoiding a creepy guy that was a little too nice, we here able to feed about half of my original cut before getting locked out of the signal.

Emerging from the tower, we began to get shot at by a sniper! We rushed back to th-*


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