~A Forward

Greetings. My name is Charlie Chase and this is a journal I keep of my travels. It’s been a few decades since the people of Utah began to recover from The Fall: a meteor shower that devastated North America around 1956. Now folks have to deal with bandits, radiation poisoning, and mutants.

I started a career as a documentary filmmaker in order to record life and events of Utah’s citizens. Also, I hope to impress the right people to be welcomed into Mirage, a place I hear is the safest in Utah, and where true artists like me live. No one knows where it is, but if I make the right moves, Mirage will come looking for me.

I have followed many adventurers these past months, but none compare to the five I’m shadowing now. Akiko, a pint-sized cage fighter; Carolyn, a brilliant English scientist; Tommy, a sneaky and crafty scavenger; Lance, a veteran sniper; and Reily, a former Irish mob boss.

I’ll continue to record their adventures here while also gaining footage of their daring feats. I’m sure with these five, my goals will finally be reached.

- Charlie Chase

State of Desolation

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